Sourgrass Day Use

Lazy river, picnics, trout... what else could you want?

Just 30 mins from Arnold is another perfect spot along the Stanislaus River to enjoy the day. Pack a raft, a cooler, and a fishing rod and you’ll have an afternoon of fun.

How to get to Sourgrass

You’ll head up 10 mins to the Dorrington Hotel and take a backroad to a campground and day use area.

The Sourgrass Day Use features a small parking lot with bathrooms, and you’ll be able to walk down to the river to scope out an area to chill.

We fly-fished for rainbow trout and let the kids flow downstream over fun little drops, and of course, let our dog play in the water.

For the well-equipped off-roader, the 4×4 trail offers a 4 mile out and back adventure with a river crossing. I observed from the reviews that you’ll want more than a stock vehicle to traverse the terrain.

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