Bear Valley Ski Resort: Skiing & Snowboarding Near Arnold

Preparing Your Trip to Bear Valley

The ski and riding season is in full effect at Bear Valley. The past couple weeks have dumped on the area and the mountain has opened up the majority of lifts and trails.

Be prepared with good snow tires, your 4WD vehicles, and chains. This past weekend, chain control was in effect.

Bear Valley is great for both beginners and experts, featuring a lot of tree skiing, big jump and terrain parks. There are large rock formations to challenge expert skiers and riders for drops, jumps, and steep challenging runs.

The Website isn’t updated with conditions, so subscribe to @bearvalleyresort on Instagram for Matty’s daily live feed.

Bear Valley Ski Report

2021 Ski/Ride until April 18!

The drive up from Arnold is about 30 minutes, and your drive can start out pleasant and turn snowy as you get higher up in altitude about halfway.

A Few Tips

  • If you’re looking to buy a day pass, you’ll need to reserve 2 days ahead of time.
  • Parking is monitored, and they’ll charge you $20 for Premium parking walkable to the lodge. If you have your skis, just jump on the trail near your car and ski down to the lodge to buy your pass.
  • The cafeteria is open, and in Covid lockdown you’ll need to eat outside, but open to eat inside since my last trip there mid-March. You can grab a drink, food (pizza, burgers, chicken sandos, and dogs). Many folks tailgate in the parking lot if you have a good spot.

Enjoy your trip and stay safe out there!

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